The Tapestry Campaign

Session 1 - Introduction

Business as Usual

The Bellows. A 20 mile diameter valley set deep inside the basin of a dormant volcano. Protected from the outside world and a self-contained society all its own, it is home to some 30,000 inhabitants of varying races.

Seven of these citizens have been called upon to clean one of the hundreds of excavation sites that existed before the Arcanaclasm. The same excavation sites that were created when the dwarves searched for a proper home and entryway into The Below. Some of these sites have been converted into mines. Most lay dormant. The rare ones become the homes of some things much more sinister.

The reports from the neighboring halfling farms indicated that kobolds were coming from this particular site. Those reports were correct, as was evident when the consigned party approached the site to find a dozen or so of the creatures guarding the entry pit.

The heroes had not seen live combat in their lives up to this point, and their tentativeness was apparent as the reptilians quickly swarmed them. Eventually, the kobolds were dispatched, but not before one of the sling-wielders managed to escape down the pit by means of a crude rope that led into the darkness below.

The party gathered their wits and their courage and followed. The darkness gave way to the light of a couple glowrods, revealing a roughly hewn, bitterly cold cavern. A decrepit dwarven statue resided in the northern archway, guarding the darkness beyond it. The raspy breathing of more kobolds could be heard, however, and the heroes prepared for more combat.

If the first battle went awkwardly, this one was doomed for failure. That is, until the monk Freudenthas dug deep within his spirit and unleashed a flurry of fist and fury upon the kobolds. But from the shadows stepped a kobold much paler than the rest, dressed in dark robes. Reaching back, he unleashed a ball of cold energy upon the unsuspecting heroes.

Magic? The time for confusion could wait until this immediate threat was dealt with, and even the wyrmpriest was no match for the sheer numbers of the party. But the battles took their tool on the heroes, and they needed rest, and more importantly, to discuss these strange powers of this kobold.



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