The Bellows

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When magic reigned and man was corrupted absolutely, the demise of the world of Aerrath was inevitable. The races of human, dwarf, elf, halfling, and gnome faced an existence of slavery and servitude to their arcane masters. The remnants of these gathered and devised a plan to usurp control from the bonds of magic.

A small community of each race were gathered together and sent on an expedition to find a home safe from scrying eyes. The goal was to find a land that would be self-contained without the need to leave the region for any reason.

The Bellows was discovered in the crater of an enormous and long dormant volcano. The land had previously become fertile over time thanks to the rerouted river that flowed into its cavernous basin which eventually had formed into a large lake. The region was completely surrounded by the mountain walls, protecting The Bellows from all would-be intruders.

When land broke in The Bellows, it was initially in the form of excavation sites. The dwarves and gnomes tapped the earth and tunneled deep underground. Beneath the surface, it was discovered that the volcano was not as dormant as first believed. A monstrous cavern was discovered with an equally immense river of lava flowing along the floor of the cave.
This cavern was a perfect location to found their new home and the new hope, and was promptly dubbed “The Below.” The lava provided heat throughout the cavern and fire to the forges. The rebellion was born.

After the Arcanaclasm, it was determined that The Below should continue to exist, and to remain a secret if ever magic should return to the land. Over the generations, the society began to populate “The Above,” within the basin and edge of the volcano. The result was a sprawling, comfortable, self-contained society that needed no contact with the outside world.

During the Arcanaclasm, the walls of the cavern of The Below were used as cells for enemy wizards and priests. Since that time, these prisons have been converted into large, sprawling homes for the dwarves and gnomes.

The Bellows eventually earned its name as a tribute to The Below as well as the persistent, monotonous moan of the wind swirling through the basin.

The people of The Bellows have known nothing but the tradition of remaining within and on the outskirts of the volcano. They understand their existence and their need for secrecy. It has become second nature for each and every citizen, even the wanderlust-stricken halflings.
Occasionally, small groups of goblinoids and various other monsters do take up residence amongst the countless number of excavation sites that were built during the time of discovery. The Bellows military exists to exterminate these unwanted guests and to guard the southwestern borders.

Visitors rarely, if ever, come to The Bellows. A trade route has been established, but its schedule and route is kept even more secret than The Bellows itself. The caravan takes a secret path which leads directly into a hidden chamber in The Below.

The Bellows

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