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Magic. The great corruptor of man, eradicated a dozen centuries ago. Everyone remembers why, yet no one remembers how. When magic returns to Aerrath, the corruption begins anew.

Strange creatures begin to appear wielding even stranger powers. The dead arise and walk the lands. Other mysterious beings awake from their long hibernation and begin to wreak havoc once again, as they did once before.

The Bellows was the first bastion of hope against the arcane evil that once preyed upon the world. Now, it is a secret world within a world, stuck in time as Aerrath evolves around it. When the corruption finally reaches The Bellows, their society is stricken with fear and chaos. The threat has returned.

Yet no one remembers how. And no one knows what is beyond the mountainous walls of their sanctuary, of their prison.

The Tapestry Campaign

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